I'm too Blessed to be depressed, and too annointed to be disapointed

I'm too Blessed to be depressed, and too annointed to be disapointed

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paying the Dues

There are thousands of groups out there who hit the roads every weekend singing and playing for our Lord Jesus Christ. Small towns, large cities, churches, parks, fairs, etc. Most groups, I'm talking about the non Nationally known groups not signed with a major lable, do not charge a penny for their effort, some don't even get a penny. We go on love offerings and hopefully we get enough to pay expenses. Many times the fuel for the old van or bus comes out of our own pockets. But we keep traveling. We keep singing. We just love the Lord and love to sing. Then out of the blue a church comes along and give a great love offering or writes you a check that fills up the bus or pays for all your expenses and you say "Thank You Lord!"
Besides the fuel, there's insurance for the vehicle we drive, clothes to dry clean, equipment to keep up, and most of us have to eat while on the road or oft times get a motel room if gone all weekend. Most people don't even think about any of the expenses we have. It's not their fault. They just never think about it. But seems like the Lord provides to keep us going, one way or another. He is the boss you know. He takes care of His own. Doesn't He?
So the next time a group comes to your church or you go out to a gospel singing, remember, they aren't putting that money in their pocket. You are helping them to further their ministry. You are helping to spread God's word!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hilarious Harmony.....

Harmony. That in it's self is a beautiful word. Harmony in gospel music can be so beautiful and blessing. Goose bump, hair raising on the arm harmony. That's Southern Gospel and Bluegrass music straight from the mountains of Kentucky and all the south. No, I'm not saying that you people up in Iowa can't sing. You can, praise God. It's just different. Maybe it's a southern pride in our heritage, or the echo off the mountains as a group of singers sing on the hill side of a family graveyard church service. You just gotta be there.
We were practicing this week and started singing an old bluegrass hymn. (We aren't bluegrass). But it was so much fun. I think we may try to work it up and do it. It felt right, you know what I mean. We tried to put a little nasal in it for fun.....not making fun....we got a little tickled at ourselves. God's people can have so much fun can't we? Now really, be honest, how many of you bass singers out there have tried your best to mock J.D Sumner? ALL of YOU!! Ha Ha.
Do any of you have a funny story about a practice session you've had? Let's hear it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I sing Southern Gospel Music. My husband and I sing together along with our friend (more like a brother) Lloyd in a group called "Change of Heart". You can find our group on the web at www.myspace.com/changeofheartministries
I also sing in the shower, I sing in the car, I sing in my sleep. There is constantly a song going on in my head. Over and over and over, sometimes to the point where you wish whoever wrote that song....didn't. But they did, and I really envy them that. I would love to write songs, and I probably could but if the Lord doesn't give it to you then it probably wouldn't be any good anyway.
Southern Gospel Music has been around many years. There have been many groups and individuals who have traveled many a mile singing those old hymns. Gospel groups over the years have given us great songs and inspired so many of us. I would love to sing like Vestal Goodman or Lauren Talley.
Groups like Gold City and Ivan Parker gave us Midnight Cry and Bill and Gloria Gaither have wrote so many beautiful songs that have blessed our hearts for years and centuries to come (if the Lord don't come before). There are old songs like "What a happy day", "God on the Mountain" and let's not forget "Beulah Land", everyone has sung that one at one time or another. You can't beat those old songs.
Everyone has a favorite group, whether current or past. Mine would have to be Gold City back when Ivan and Brian sang with the group.

So tell me, Who is your all time favorite Southern Gospel Group?