I'm too Blessed to be depressed, and too annointed to be disapointed

I'm too Blessed to be depressed, and too annointed to be disapointed

Thursday, September 25, 2008

No Comment....

I know there are some people hitting this blog because of the counter. I hope that someone is reading some of it. I know it may be boring or stupid to some people and interesting to others. Hey, I'm not the only one on the web with a crazy blog page. I just wanted other gospel groups to share in their experiences by commenting to the blog and maybe we could aquaint ourselves with one another. Like, if you have an interesting venue coming up and would like to share it, or announce it, let me know and I will post it for you. Or we could discuss it. Who knows what we can accomplish here. But there is one thing you must do.....COMMENT.
Just clik on the comment and leave your name and say "hi", if nothing else. I feel like I'm out here all by myself and although I do talk to myself occasionally, it would be nice to hear from YOU, and it would be nice to know that most of these hits on this page are not by mistake only. Know what I mean?
So comment. And if you are feeling really generous, click on the adsense ads and make their day!! lol. Anyway have a great day and hopefully if I find there is actually someone out there reading this stuff, I will feel better about continuing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ahhh, remember those homecomings?

Well it's that time of year again.....you know, when all the singers out there put on a few pounds from all the homecomings! Yeah, it's homecoming time again and that means good food and great gospel singing! Just about any where you turn there's a church having homecoming. You don't have to look very far. And that's one advantage of living in small towns in the south. Everyone either knows mostly everybody at the other churches in the county or is kin to them. So you don't have to be invited, just go on over and fellowship!
The only thing that I have noticed about homecomings over the years that is different, is now days we start at 11, sing till 12, eat and go home. As soon as we've eaten we are in the car and gone! Gotta get back to the recliner, or the football game on TV. Shoot, we gotta get up in the morning and go to work. I've noticed several times that seems like before everyone has even finished, the women are cleaning up and packing up. LEAVE THOSE DISHES ALONE. LET WHOEVER BROUGHT EM, TAKE EM HOME AND CLEAN EM THEMSELF! Enjoy your self!
Now back in my childhood days (a couple years ago, lol ) Sunday school started at 10, preaching and singing at 11 , broke to eat, then came back for more singing afterwards. Sometimes the men played horseshoes, sometimes we ate more or cut a watermelon, then got home between 4 and 6pm. People visited with one another. This was a time of fellowship, visiting with neighbors, and friends we hadn't seen in a while and familly who came home from up north. No one got in a hurry to leave. We didn't have anywhere we needed to go. There was no such thing as WalMart. Town was closed on Sunday, we didn't go shopping. Nothing much on TV. We only got 2 or 3 channels anyway. It was more fun being with our friends. OUTSIDE!
What has happen? Do we not remember how to fellowship anymore? Are we too busy for one another? Do we just go to eat? What do you think?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I've got the gas pump blues!

Ok someone out there needs to write a song about those "gas pump blues"! On Wednesday we stopped for gas at one of our local businesses at $3.39 per gallon. We were so excited! (This time last year we would have had a heart attack at that much!) We were on our way out to the church to practice a little and said "We ought to come back and fill up the bus." But guess what we forgot to do.
This morning at 7:30, gas was up to 3.99, people were lined up at the pumps like there was no tomorrow. By noon, most stations in town were completely out, here in Barbourville. One station said that they had already had two trucks there today and were almost out again. By 4 pm gas was anywhere from 3.99/gal to 4.59.
We stopped to fill up the bus before our singing this evening, (at 4.10/gal0, and the pumps were so slow it took 15 minutes to get $60.00 worth. We needed to get on the road so that's all we got. Thank goodness we weren't on empty before we started.
The CRAZY thing about this whole situation is look around you..... the roads are full. No one seems to care how much this liquid gold cost. We are addicted to travel apparently.
The SAD thing about this whole situation is WHY? Why is gas going up, when oil went down?
Well we could argue that statement all day.
Anyway, back to my first statement. If good ole Windy Bagwell were still around, I'm sure he'd have a very funny story to tell about fueling up the bus. Cause it's highway robbery....and that's why I'm telling the truth with my hands up!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Dolly and Max

Have you found that as we get older, we also get lazier. Well maybe not lazy but we find ourselves not wanting to tote all that equipment in, singing after singing after singing. That's the only thing about singing that I DO NOT enjoy. Carrying Equipment!
Donnie and Lloyd have sung together for about 18 years and I just joined them about 5 years ago. Since then we have bought new speakers (light), a new spot monior (small and light), a new dolly and a wheeled tool/utility box. This thing looks like a tool box on wheels but opens to 3 large compartments. We can load all the cords, cord reels, mics, keyboard paddle, duct tape, batteries, patch cords, etc inside and still have room. I can pull it wherever I need to and presto! I love it. It's a Stanley Max and we found it at Lowe's for around $60. So I guess you could say we have two new members in the group. Our roadies, dolly and max. Now if we could only come up with something to carry ALL of Jared's drum pieces!!!!!

Why couldn't he have learn to play a harmonica? LOL

Friday, September 5, 2008

Down by the Tabernacle...

Hey check out todays video pick. The Mid South Boys sing "Down by the Tabernacle". These guys sang together back in the late 80's - 90's. They were also friends of ours. Look on the Album (that was our cd's back in the day, lol) cover, the guy in the front is Tony Turner from Kentucky. He and sang baritone with us before going on to sing with Mid South. They had a great southern country gospel sound that is so popular today. I guess you could say they were a little before their time. I miss them as a group, but God had other plans for their lives. Clik on the video and give a listen.
http://www.youtube.com/ go to Mid South Boys - Tabernacle